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Coping & Ledgers


While most people are accustomed to seeing upright granite memorials, many cemeteries now require memorials to be flat and flush with the ground. That being said, just because a cemetery requires a flat memorial, that does not mean that your loved ones should be left with small markers that don’t create a significant memorial presence. Bronze and granite grave ledgers are an excellent way to take advantage of the length of the grave, as opposed to the height above it. Ledgers provide ample space for engraving of lettering and emblems, without having to use small fonts and little spacing. Grave ledgers typically cover most of the plot’s width, while extending from half way to the entire length of the site. These ledgers can be used on single and multiple grave sites, and will guarantee that your loved one’s site will not be trampled over. For more information regarding memorial ledgers, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our memorial specialists will be glad to assist you.


At Warren Monument Company, we understand how sacred each and every grave site is, and we take great care to define and protect the memories of your loved ones. Besides for traditional headstones, granite coping provides a dignified way of marking and protecting a grave for many years. While coping has traditionally been an added accessory to a monument, it is nonetheless an important tool used to define the boundaries of a grave, while respectfully adding beauty to a new or existing memorial. Granite coping can surround individual or multiple grave sites, creating a border around the edges of the lot. Warren Monument Company can fabricate coping to match all colors of memorial granite, as well as producing custom sized coping for family grave sites. For more information regarding memorial coping to protect your grave sites and define your family plots, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our memorial specialists will be glad to assist you.